Do you know the real meaning of the words Kung Fu? Or have you simply formed an impression of what Kung Fu is from television and the movies? Here, in this school by an martial arts expert, you will learn not only the important concepts of Kung Fu, and fascinating historical backgrounds, but the basic hand and foot techniques, all to be practiced and exhibited without anyone being harmed.

Ving Tsun Kung Fu, the most popular and respected system in existence today, was founded by a women self defense expert, Yim Wing Chun; who lived in China centuries ago and who felt that the existing systems were too rigid and required too much strength for the average person. So she developed her own martial art, stressing above all a healthy mind and a healthy body.

In this system you will discover the vital centerline and economy of movement theories, the one and only punch taught in Ving Tsun, the stances, the arm and hand blocks and attacks, and the kicking techniques and blocks. At the same time, the true meaning of Kung Fu will become more and more clear to you and will make the mastery of various techniques even easier.


Welcome to Ving Tsun Kung Fu