Moy Yat


Moy Yat was born Moy Yit Kai in You Kum Chuen on June 28, 1938. He grew up in the village of Doon Fun, Toi Shan, China. In 1953 he moved to Hong Kong where friend Moy Bing Wah introduced him to Ving Tsun Kung Fu in 1957. Moy Yat started his Ving Tsun Kung Fu Training under Grand master ip man at Lei Cheng Estate in Hong Kong. Later the class was moved to Hing Yip building, No.61 Tai Po Road. During this period Sifu Moy Yat began to teach Ving Tsun Kung Fu. His first classes were at No.53 Bute street /9Fl, Mongkok in Kowloon. Amongst his early students during this time were Greco Wong, Jeffrey Chan, Sam Lau, Leung Hin Ming, Ng King, Dun Wah, Nelson Chan and Henry Moy to name a few.

Sifu Moy Yat moved to Brooklyn, New York with his wife Helen Moy, Three children and his mother in 1973. His first Classes were held at 5 St. Paul’s Place in Brooklyn. These years marked the beginning of Moy Yat's teaching in the United States. The first group included Douglas Lee, Lester lau , John Cheng, Paul Ngai, Micky Chan, Dale Green , Richard Chin, Julian Cordero, Victor Parlati, Rex Aperauch, Robert Brimley, and later joined by Kevin Martin and others.

Before relocating the school to New York City's Chinatown in 1979 the classes were held briefly at an Auto Shop owned by a friend of Victor Parlati. The classes where near Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn. During 1974 Sifu Moy Yat published his first book titled "108 Muk Yan Jong." Over the years he continued to write and publish many books on the subject of Ving Tsun Kung Fu. During the 1980's sifu Moy Yat began to produce many instructional tapes. During this era the classes were held briefly on Market Street at a church's basement before moving around the corner to the second floor of 45 East Broadway. Some of the students at these classes were Philip Yeun, John Tsang, Jacky Tsang, , Betty Yap, Gary Kwan, William Moy, Abraham Gandi Yuanza, , Bob Morgenstern, Pete Pajil, , Anthony Dandridge, Tony Watts, Henry Semper, Tyrone Anthony, and others.

After a few years the classes were moved to the six floor of the same building. Students who attended these classes were Tom Ma, Javier Ramirez, Bob Torres, Leo Imamura, Miguel Hernandez, Michael Chin, Eugene Chin, Ping Choi, Wing Cheng, Martin Huen, and Later joined by Benny Meng, Richard Andino, Joe Rizzotto, Joe P. Hayes, Sam Harris, John Harahan, Glenn Frederick, Mitchell Atiles, Alex Bruskin, Shingo Kawamoto, Tom Kagan and others.

Sifu Moy Yat was well known for his knowledge and accomplishments in Ving Tsun Kung Fu. But, he was not limited to only Kung fu. Sifu was also a very talented and respected artist. Grandmaster Moy Yat was known in the art circles by his artist name Moy Go Yan (Tall Man). In his life time Sifu Moy Yat produced numerous works of art including stone engravings, Traditional Chinese watercolors and modern oil paintings. His work has been displayed in many art shows and exhibits. His most notable seal engraving work are the set of Chops consisting of 51 stones. These stones are hand carved with Ving Tsun Kung Fu history and proverbs. Chop crafting is an ancient art which requires great skill and knowledge of many different styles of Chinese calligraphy.

Sifu Moy Yat gained considerable respect both at art and in society during this period of his life. Through frequent seminars and lectures throughout the U.S., Canada, England, and especially Brazil, his name became increasingly well known among major masters of the time reaching almost every corner in the world. Despite his successes, The Grandmaster constantly strove to advance his art. He welcomed every opportunity to share his experience and knowledge with his fellow Ving Tsun Kung Fu students. This was very evident in his encouragement and labored efforts for the opening of the Ving Tsun Museum in 1998.

The Grandmaster could often be seen with his students at local coffee shops, or hosting students at his family home. During this period Sifu Moy Yat gave private lessons to the Chiu family at their home in Long Island. Also, he accepted his last group of d on his sixtieth Birthday Banquet. The last group included Philip Vedova, Dicky Chan, Carlos Moreno, and others.

Failing health had led the Grandmaster to contemplate retirement. Nevertheless, he still shared time with his students at his Bay Side home from time to time. Grandmaster Moy Yat passed away peacefully at his Bay Side, Queens home at the age of 62 on the 23rd of January 2001.



In 1973, New York City area was blessed with the arrival of Master Moy Yat, a prominent instructor in Ving Tsun Kung Fu and close disciple of the late Grand Master Ip Man.

His most notable seal engraving work are the set of Chops consisting of 51 stones. These stones are hand carved with Ving Tsun Kung Fu history and proverbs.